For additional information, to set up a screening or to schedule an interview please contact Doug Bush:
Phone: 607.727.3044


D.A. Bush - Producer/Writer/DP/Editor
After the death of a long time friend, D.A walked out of a 17 year career with an industrial equipment manufacturer and gave up his secure well
paying job in corporate communication in August 2011 to pursue his lifelong dream of making horror films. D.A. considers himself a storyteller who
wears as many hats as necessary to complete his endeavors. He honed his writing and productions skills during his long tenure in corporate
media and as an adjunct instructor in filmmaking at Broome Community College.

Julye Bush - Producer/Craft Services
Wife of D.A Bush, Julye brings years of project management, organizational skills and creativity to Demon Messenger. She helped to keep the cast
and crew on schedule, as well as keeping them happy and well fed. Her personal dedication to the completion of this project helped to keep
everyone on track. In the spirit of independent filmmaking, she was willing to don whatever hat necessary to make this film.

Ted Nappi - Director/Co-Producer
Ted has his Master Degree in acting and has spent many years as a local and regional performer. In a wide array of acting roles as well as other
production positions Ted’s dedication and ability to relate to fellow actors was essential to getting the best performances out of first-time as well as
seasoned veteran actors.

Kendra Baker - Actor/Make-up Artist/Co-Producer
Kendra was the biggest surprise in this production, she agreed to a small part acting and turned out to be one of the key players in the production
of Demon Messenger and House on Ghost Hill Road.  Her make-up skills added a sense of realism to many shots and her general film production
knowledge and ability to do whatever was needed proved her to be an amazing team player